Prepregnancy counselling

Prepregnancy counselling

Counselling consists of biomedical, behavioural and social interventions to optimise the health of women and their partners before pregnancy. This can include reproductive planning, folic acid and substance use prevention, weight reduction and other preventive measures. For pregnancy counselling in Mumbai, consult Dr. Rohini, rated as one of top gynaecologist.

Preparation for pregnancy

Whether you’re planning to start a family or have already begun the journey, it’s important to prepare for pregnancy as best you can. Not only does this help with fertility, but it can also ensure that you’re prepared to give your baby the best possible start in life.

Your periods are an essential aspect of good gynecological health. It's when your uterus sheds its lining to help prepare you for pregnancy.Prepregnancy counselling in Noida can help you identify and reduce risks that may interfere with your ability to conceive. This can include social, behavioral and environmental factors that could prevent you from achieving your goal of becoming a parent.

Preparation for childbirth

Prepregnancy counselling in Mumbai can be useful for women who want to prepare themselves to deliver a healthy baby. It can help them deal with fertility issues, make decisions about birthing, and address other concerns that may arise during pregnancy or childbirth.

During childbirth, women can experience a variety of emotions, including anxiety and fear. These emotions can interfere with a woman's ability to cope and can result in adverse outcomes for the mother or baby.

Preparation for the postpartum period

Pregnancy counselling is an important tool for helping women who are expecting a baby. It can also be helpful for women who already have children or are considering starting a family in the future.

It is important to discuss postpartum care during prenatal visits with the woman’s obstetrician-gynecologist or other obstetric care provider, so that she knows what is expected from her health care team and what support she will need after the birth of her infant. The postpartum period is a critical time for the mother and her family, so it is crucial that she has access to a comprehensive, individualized, woman-centered postpartum care plan and care team.

Preparation for parenthood

Prepregnancy counselling in Thane can be provided by Dr. Rohini, it is a supportive way to help expectant mothers manage their emotions and concerns. It can be an important part of preparing for parenthood and can offer an opportunity to address difficult memories and experiences. It is also an excellent opportunity to gain insight into the impact of past trauma and abuse, and to consider how these might affect parenting decisions.

Becoming a parent can be a huge life transition. It can cause a mixed bag of feelings, from excitement to anxiety. It can also be a time to focus on building support networks and creating healthy relationships with your partner.

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